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A new book by Curriculum and Instruction faculty member Keffrelyn Brown tackles the “at-risk” label.

African American males face many obstacles in education: disproportionate dropout, expulsion and suspension rates, overrepresentation in special education, and underrepresentation in gifted education. Yet

[caption id="attachment_2335" align="alignright" width="200"] Associate Professor Allison Skerrett[/caption] Curriculum and Instruction Associate Professor Allison Skerrett was recently appointed to Scotland’s International Council of Education Advisers

Petrosino Receives NSF Award to Increase Student Pursuit of STEM Careers This fall, Associate Professor Anthony Petrosino was awarded a $457,755 grant from the National

Two UT College of Education professors highlight three black education leaders’ ideas, providing a counternarrative to today’s challenges Black Intellectual Thought in Education: The Missing

New book explores what inhibits and promotes Latino male college success Ensuring the Success of Latino Males in Higher Education: A National Imperative, a new

WeTeachCS Mixer On Feb. 3, 2016, the Center for STEM Education played host to over 120 computer science (CS) educators at the Google Fiber Space

CoE Professor Angela Valenzuela Nominated for ‘Si, Se Puede’ Award Angela Valenzuela, professor of educational policy and planning and cultural studies in education programs, has

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